CNC machining

In-house CNC to help with the prototyping and manufacture of parts and components.

We can offer shorter lead times, 24 – 48 – 72 hour lead times or the normal 2 weeks, depending on the requirements.

Offering production runs of components for those looking for more than a prototype batch.

With a good range of materials and surface treatments available.

Whether you have a CAD drawing, STP, hand drawing or a idea we can work with you to make the parts you need.

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We offer CAD design service, from drawing simple parts right through to complex products. Providing you with construction drawings or 3D files for CNC or plastic injection or whatever your project is requiring.

Create 3D Model




You have a design but not sure how to move to the next step.

We can build you the first prototype or sample batch for testing and marketing. If you need products made from aluminium, steel, sheet metal, plastics etc. Or if you have a PCB that you need manufactured, right through to a complete working product we can help you get it ready for the market.

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Visual prototype

Functional prototype

Prototype assembly and testing

Testing small production

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